PERFECT GIFT Surprise your little Unicorn lovers with the most flavorsome and silly gift ever. Unicorn Barf Rainbow Lace Licorice Candy is guaranteed to make any mystical creature lovers fairytale come true. This ironic Unicorn Barf Rainbow Lace Licorice candy gift is guaranteed to make your little dreaming unicorns princess or prince smile!


HILARIOUS CANDY GAG GIFT for Unicorn Lover birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s, Easter Baskets, Halloween, Christmas Stocking Stuffers and more. Show your love of Unicorn Barf Rainbow Lace Licorice candy gifts and give the gift of laughter with this unique candy present.


MOUTH-WATERING FLAVOR The perfect Unicorn themed party candy snack for candy tables and candy bag giveaways. Bite into Unicorn Barf Rainbow Lace Licorice candy and explore the tasty fruitiness hidden inside. Its soft texture and gummy sweet-tart taste is bound to make you grab another packet. They even come with a cute little collectible sticker and tattoo!


UNICORN MERCHANDISE ALTERNATIVE: Do they already have every Dabbing Unicorn Rainbow, Unicorn Squad Birthday, funny Unicorn books, pooping, Believe in Unicorn, farting design t-shirt, hoodies and hats in the universe? Give Unicorn Barf Licorice candy and their collection will be complete!


OPTIMAL SATISFACTION We take pride in our funny unique candy products, which is why our main focus is on customer satisfaction. This Easter candy is guaranteed to be fresh in sealed package. Your boyfriend, dad, mom, teen, daughter, or son will love a 5.5 oz bag of Unicorn Barf Rainbow Lace Licorice candy!

Unicorn Barf Rainbow Lace Licorice BirthdayCandy Gag Gift

  • High Fructose Syrup, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Dextrose, Palm Oil, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Colors: (Curcumine, FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1, Titanium Dioxide), Antioxidants (ascorbic acid, tocopherols), Glazing Agent (white beeswax).

  • JL Designed confectionaries don’t require refrigeration, air conditioning, or freezing. Our confectionaries can withstand a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of the product shelf life (typically 2 years) without adversely affecting product quality.There are no box markings display storage temperatures unless those requirements are explicitly stating store between 50 to 155 degrees. Once packaging seal is broken discard after (60) days.